Our dishes, plates, cups are cut from a fossilized marble dating back to the Paleozoic era (450 million years).
Our craftsmen have taken great care and ancestral know-how when extracted, its size and its polishing highlighting ammonites and Orthoceras that compose it.
A mission all the more important that the perfection of the gesture depends on the previous gesture and conditions the next.
The quality of a piece of marble is also the sum of incompressible time required size, cutting and polishing required for its manufacture.
A plate, for example, taken the form of a block in a marble vein one week will emerge.
It is this absolute mastery that comes before the emotion of a mud line, a cup, a plate, a knife fossil door …
workplan for kitchen or bathroom, stair cladding for stairs, wall cladding, furniture tops and radiators, blocks for interior decoration, floor tiles, tiles for hammam …
We realize how all types of work your dimensions.
Free estimate on request.